Ia Ia Ia-Ia! Cthulouie!

In these nineteen original tail-twitching tales of mystery, cats from Maine coon to Scottish fold, tabby to Siamese, white Persian to calico crack all manner of holiday capers. Arbor Day reminds a veterinarian how a kitten's coat cinched a murder case . . . A smart young woman at Christmas discovers that the way to an old man's inheritance is not through his heart but through his cat . . . A family Hanukkah celebration gives a sharp-eyed cop with a fondness for felines insight into blackmail and murder . . . An abused stray at Thanksgiving sends a family over the edge . . . And many more!

Once again mystery fans will cheer as cats meet crime for a fur-raising showdown of deceit, detection, and a dizzying display of feline fireworks.

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