I Am Simply Beautiful
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Meet Loralei, a young girl who experiences the same things your child may go through every day. She feels nervous, uncertain, and at times, struggles to fit in. Loralei works hard, learns from her mistakes, and keeps trying. She gets discouraged, questions her worth, and sometimes almost gives up, but deep inside her, God's truth shines bright. She discovers her courage and learns to embrace not only her unique self but recognize the ways we are all wonderfully different.Inside this book, you will find:A heartwarming story about self-esteem, courage, inner beauty, and self-acceptance.A captivating and engaging writing style suitable for shared and independent reading.Relatable characters and themes that resonate with children's real lives.Life lessons and thought-provoking messages interwoven within the narrative.Helpful reflection questions for parents to broaden conversations with their kids.This book helps children to:Build confidence in themselves and their unique qualities.Better navigate challenging situations.Understand the importance of relationships with family and friends.Embrace their uniqueness and accept themselves as God created them.Recognize and appreciate the diversity around them.I Am Simply Beautiful is designed to bring truth and self-acceptance to your home and the lives of the children around you. In today's society, children face confusion and pressure to look a certain way to be accepted. As parents, it's our responsibility to instill traits and values in our children that reflect their identity in Christ. Delve into this wonderful book by Lisa Carey, and discover a world of love, understanding, and self-acceptance that will resonate with both children and parents alike.
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    • First Edition
    • Jul-2023
    • Lisa Carey
    • Paperback
    • Large Print
    • Jul-2023
    • Lisa Carey
    • Hardcover
    • Large Print

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