From best-selling author Alison Ryan comes a new, sexy series, THE MONTANA BROTHERS BELLE I ran away from my old life to find out who I really am. Because when you’re debutante Belle Delford (that’s me), all you are to the world is your old Kentucky money. But I’m not going to live a life that was arranged for me before I was even born, a life I have no passion for. So I fled in the dead of night, and didn’t look back. I drove until I couldn’t drive anymore, until I was positive the things that were chasing me could never catch up. I ended up in Whitmer, Montana, and on my very first night I met Huck Calloway. He’s everything a woman could want: tall, brooding, and handsome as all hell. As soon as I see him, I want him, if just for one night. Anything to get my mind off the things I left behind. But Huck isn’t like any man I’ve met before. Nothing is simple when it comes to him, and I can’t read him to save my life—which only makes me want him more. HUCK I grew up in the back woods of Montana, raised never to need anyone or anything—except myself and my brothers. We build things with our hands, we kill what we eat, and we earn every single thing we have in this life. I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing about it, until the night Belle Delford waltzed into our bar and flipped my world upside down. As much as I want her in every way possible, it’s a no-go. She has secrets she doesn’t want to tell me, and I have things I can never tell her. There’s a hard line in the sand, but despite what I tell myself… I’d do anything to be able to cross it. WARNING: This is a sweet, but incredibly steamy story about love breaking through the thickest of emotional walls. Get ready to cry tears of sadness and joy for these two. Huck Calloway is one alpha country bad boy you'll never forget!

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    • First Edition
    • Nov-2016
    • Createspace
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1973738554
    • ISBN13: 9781973738558


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