How to Meet Cute Boys
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Are the men you date:

A. Commitment-phobic?
B. Impossible to read?
C. Borderline insane?
D. All of the above?

If any of these answers apply, you have to read...

Twenty-seven-year-old Benjamina Franklin (and you thought you had identity problems) is the dating scene authority for L.A.'s Filly magazine, dispensing advice on everything from relationship survival tips to tweezing the perfect eyebrow. But Ben's own love life has been on a downhill roll ever since she broke up with her dull, prematurely balding boyfriend. Now her younger sister is getting married-and since going dateless is a prospect Ben simply can't bear, she has exactly six months to find a boyfriend. At a Filly fashion bash, she meets Max, who's gorgeous, successful, interested...and may not be quite what he seems.

Suddenly Ben is suffering bouts of indecision over matters of sex, love, relationships, and whether or not shaving her legs before a first date will jinx it. With the help of her best friend, Kiki, and her well-meaning mother and sister, she attempts to steer a course through the treacherous waters of the modern dating world.

Will Ben find happiness with Max? Is Max just another commitment-phobic male? Does the perfect guy even exist?

Stuffed with the best of the fictional Filly magazine-including articles and quizzes-HOW TO MEET CUTE BOYS is the most riotous and right-on novel about the singles scene to come out in years. This book is for anyone who's ever turned the pages of a women's magazine, looking for the answer to all that dating madness!

Special Report: Guys Who Are Two-Timing, Cheap, and Utterly Revolting!...What's Not to Love?
Horrorscope: Warnings from the Stars!
Is He Boyfriend Material? Take Our Quiz!
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