How to Drive Your Family Crazy on Valentine's Day

Lizzie, Scott, Sybil and their teacher are all sucked into the class Valentine Box-and swept to another world! Endearing characters and wacky situations make this Valentine story one of a kind!

Lizzy hates Valentine's Day. she is certainly not one to go in for all that mushiness and sap stuff. Puh-lease! Especially since she's got other things on her mind. First of all, there's this new girl at school who almost everyone thinks is "perfect"-including Lizzie's friend Scott. (It looks like he's crushin on her hardcore!) Lizzie doesn't care...much. She's got other problems to deal with-like the fact that she's seeing things no one else can see. And the big Valentine Box in her classroom is sucking people in and whisking them off to some strange dimension! No doubt about it, this is going to be the strangest Valentine's Day yet for Lizzie and company. A definite adventure. And no sap. (That's a promise).
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