How to be Death

My name is Calliope Reaper-Jones (Callie to my friends). All I ever wanted out of life was a fabulous job in New York City and a really hot boyfriend. What I never wanted was to get involved in the family business. But here I am -- the brand-new President of Death, Inc. And while I am Death's Daughter, I have absolutely no idea how to run a multinational corporation.

With the Board of Death breathing down my neck, I haven't had even a single second to crack open my dad's copy of How to Be Death: A Fully Annotated Guide. But at least my first official outing as the Grim Reaper is a formal dinner -- easy-peasy for this fashion guru.

Except that also attending is my ex, Daniel, with an actual Goddess as his date. Tension! And then my fully annotated guidebook is stolen. Tension plus!! Now I've got to figure out how to be the boss -- and quickly, before the powers held within the book get out and destroy humanity forever...
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