House of Strangers
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A romance that will not die traps Susan in a terrifying game of forfeits--with her life as the prize!


Years of hating had turned Blair Thornton into the bitterest of men, despite the fact that he was one of the wealthiest men in Florida. His money did him little good, for he refused to part with a penny. The place he kept for both home and headquarters of his real estate firm had once been the grandest of grand hotels...but now was a deteriorating wreck, almost dangerous to live in. Susan Palmer could not understand why Blair Thornton had invited her here to be his executive secretary, for she was certainly not experienced enough to deserve the job. But he wanted her enough to offer her double her former salary, and the money was too much to resist. She came to the old resort hotel...and then heard the stories of her strange employer, including those that blamed him for the disappearance of his wife--and called him murderer! Had Blair Thornton brought her here to be his next victim?
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