House of Hostile Women
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    Contemporary Romance
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Young Maureen Dunne, a wold-be playwright working in the typing pool of Fuller Industries, is presented with a unique opportunity--to act the part of official fiancee of attractive Jason Fuller, the financial genius who heads an empire of business interests. The conditions of this extraordinary job are that Maureen must never divulge the truth about the make-believe engagement and that she never be seen in public with another man.

The young girl is chosen for this assignment by a machine--a computer!

Since Maureen has, because of a heartbreaking romance months before, sworn to never become emotionally involved with another man, the computer at Fuller Industries is certain she can fill the "official fiance" role perfectly, without doing anything so ridiculous as falling in love with one of the world's most sought after bachelors. And the position would give her ample time to write, to see if she could make it as a playwright. So Maureen accepts the challenge.

Almost instantly, her life is drastically changed, especially after she gives up her apartment in San Francisco and moves down to Shady Knolls, Jason's palatial estate in Woodside. There she meets his Aunt Jessica; Mae Peters, Jessica's social secretary; and Jason's stepdaughter, Dodie.

And she encounters a house of hostile women.
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