Hot Pursuit

Denver Sierra was a man who went after what he wanted--and he wasn't taking no from the elusive Courtney Caine! Shed defied his searching gaze, and offered her devastatingly rugged suitor no encouragement. Drawn to the lady whose warm smile and wary eyes intrigued him, Denver yearned to taste her lips... and tempt her into slipping off her armor and running wild with him. Courtney had always lived in the peaceful shadow of her performing family--protected from a world that might view her as less than whole. She needed Denver's heat to melt the icy fear inside her heart, his fierce tenderness to teach her how a woman loved a man. Terrified she'd restrict him, that he'd resent what she couldn't do, Courtney knew that keeping her pride might mean losing the man who'd branded her soul with joy. Could Denver make her believe that love left no room for pity, that she was perfect in his arms?
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