Hot Lava
Logan never went back for seconds. Had he known Katie lived in Pamona Gulch when they met, he wouldn’t have touched her. With all their mutual acquaintances hooking up, now she’s insisting they need to be friends. Logan has only had one friend in his life, and it certainly wasn’t the off-limits woman he’d lusted over for the last two years.

Katie needed to get over Logan. Two years ago, he taught her exactly what the BDSM lifestyle could offer her, and now she’s stuck pining for a Dom who won’t even speak to her. When Katie got involved with the wrong man, Logan was forced to step in, testing their newfound friendship and stretching boundaries.

The arsonist is finally caught and tempers flare, snuffing out the inferno building between this second-chance romance. Or does it only add fuel to the fire?

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    • Mar-2019
    • Anne Conley
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1950264122
    • ISBN13: 9781950264124