Honor's Players


The handsome Viscount of St. Ryne had returned from a jaunt abroad to find every bachelor in the ton at sixes and sevens. All sought the hand of the lustrous Helene Monweithe, yet romantic pursuit was futile. Indeed, Helene's father had decreed that she could not wed before her older sister, the raven-tressed Elizabeth, was married. Considering the latter's waspish tongue and fiery nature, this was due cause for alarm -- until the viscount asked for her hand in marriage. If her family wept for joy, Elizabeth shrieked in fury. But then she softened, for in her heart of hearts she had to admit he resembled the hero of her closely guarded dreams. Poor Elizabeth hadn't the faintest notion that her spouse had a curious plan designed to tame her--a plan that would tangle their hearts and would, in the face of unexpected interlopers and domestic scandal, teach both arrogant husband and quick-tempered wife a thing or two about love and marriage!
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