Honoring Sean
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O'Malley Wild - Zane's Way By Maggie Casper Serena Keller yearns for more than the vanilla relationship she has with her long-term live-in lover, Zane O'Malley. Fear of Zane's reaction to her naughty submissive fantasies has kept Serena from admitting to Zane what her body craves. What would Zane think if he knew that Serena longed to feel the flat of a man's hand against the bare skin of her bottom? Would he be disgusted to learn that she becomes aroused merely by the thought of being bound? The past four years of Zane's life has been spent hiding his dominant sexual side from smart and sassy Serena. It has taken every ounce of his willpower to refrain from showing Serena the darker side of love. When his control finally slips, Zane can't hold back his sexual beast. He finds himself unable to rein in his desire for a submissive woman. As Zane finally reaches his breaking point, he places an online singles ad looking for the perfect companion. A woman with a will of her own who is willing to give up all control behind closed doors. The boundaries between fantasy and realty will be tested once they start doing things Zane's Way. O'Malley Wild - Honoring Sean By Maggie Casper Book 2 in the O'Malley Wild series. Pub owner Sean O'Malley has always planned to marry and have a family. He's just never found the right woman—that is, until he hires Honor Rollings as his new waitress. Free-spirited Honor Rollings is a wanderer at heart. Honor is hell-bent on showing Sean that she belongs to no man and has no intention of settling down. A short visit ends up lasting much longer when Honor returns to Texas to bury her aunt and accepts a temporary job at O'Malley's Pub. Working for Sean O'Malley proves to be difficult. Can we say Neanderthal? Although Honor would love to deny that the thought of being dominated by the larger-than-life pub owner intrigues her, she can't. The thought of Sean's large hands upon her body leaves Honor hot and bothered. Sean soon realizes that Honor isn't convinced of his seriousness. So he takes great pleasure in teaching his "Little Darlin'" just how serious he actually is. After pushing Sean beyond his limits, Honor receives the spanking of her life. An erotic spanking that sets in motion a future of loving and caring, a future where her only desire is Honoring Sean.

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