Honeymoon in Honolulu

Prue Tilton had been away too long. Leaning over the rail of the Pacifica, straining for her first glimpse of Hawaii, and home, she was aware that handsome Doug O'Leary was making a play for her. But his romantic words fell on deaf ears. Soon she would be with Matt Kendrick--the man she was to marry.

But things were not to work out as Prue expected. There seemed to be almost a conspiracy to prevent her marriage. First beautiful, brazen Winkie Walker publicly linked Prue's name with that of playboy Brady Edwards. Then there was Prue's hostess, Lucy Yates, whose plans for a fabulous wedding included an indefinite postponement.

And what about Matt? Had he begun to doubt their future together? Fighting against mysterious odds, Prue set out to win back the man she loved.
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