Honesty, Purity, Chastity three sisters, three very different women, all three possessed of an alluring beauty that made them...


When the covered wagon that was taking her family west capsized in a flood-swollen river, Honesty Buchanan's life was forever changed. Raised in a bawdy Abilene saloon by its flamboyant mistress, Honesty learned to earn her keep as a cardsharp, and a crooked one at that. Continually searching for her missing sisters, the raven-haired temptress found instead the last person in the world she needed: a devastatingly handsome Texas Ranger, Sinclair Archer, who was sworn to put cheats and thieves like herself behind bars. Nestled in his protective embrace, Honesty found the love she'd been desperately seeking ever since she'd lost her family a love that would finally make an honest woman of her.
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