Home for a Spell
  • Published:
    Jan-2011 (Hardcover)
    Apr-2012 (Paperback)
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    Print / eBook
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  • Age Level:
    18 & up
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Maggie O'Neill is the newest witch in Stony Mill, Indiana. The job requires a fair share of magic and sometimes brews up a perilous potion of mystery and murder...

Maggie is back to work at her antiques shop, Enchantments, and her broken ankle makes helping customers a lame proposition -- but that doesn't mean the rest of her life is slowing down. While her boyfriend, the magically inclined Marcus, has some unfinished business to attend to, and her best friend is getting ready to tie the knot and move away, Maggie decides it's time to find her own change of scenery -- and she'll start by finally getting a new apartment.

But Maggie's new dream home turns into a nightmare when the apartment manager is found dead before she can even sign the lease. And Maggie finds herself searching not only for a new home -- but for a frightfully clever killer...
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