His Stolen Bride

Return to an age of danger and chivalry, when three daring knights -- fostered together since boyhood in the same warrior tradition -- face their greatest challenge... winning the hearts of the women they love.


Wrongly accused of murdering his father, Drake Thornton MacDougall wanted nothing more than to take revenge against his guilty and duplicitous half-brother. So he struck at the fiend the only way he could... by abducting his bride-to-be. Yet when Drake carried his captive off to a windswept Scottish isle, he found more trouble than he ever dreamed. For Lady Averyl Campbell was no biddable maiden, but an alluring, strong-willed beauty who would not be cowed by his dark moods and smoldering anger. But then danger and treachery threatened to part them, and Drake discovered the truth: that Averyl was the only one who could heal his tormented soul... for she had won his love.
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