His Rebel Bride

Return to an age of danger and chivalry, when three daring knights--fostered together since boyhood in the same warrior tradition--face their greatest challenge...winning the hearts of the women they love.

A proud and fearless warrior, Kieran Broderick was half-Irish, yet bound to fight for the English crown. So when King Henry decreed that he take an Irish wife to quell rebellion there, he reluctantly agreed. Newly dubbed the earl of Kildare, Kieran travels to Langmore Castle, seat of the lawless O'Shea family, to choose a bride. Yet when he picks Maeve O'Shea, a fetching lass who seems sweetly submissive, he finds himself facing his most daunting battle of all. For Maeve is not biddable in the least, and she refuses to allow him into her bed. Still, Kieran is determined to conquer the rebellious beauty--body and soul. But first, he must scale the battlements around his lady's heart.
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