High Marks for Murder

Welcome to Bellehaven Finishing School, located in the English Cotswolds. Run by a headmistress who can turn the most incorrigible tomboy into a refined young lady, it's where the well-to-do send their daughters. It's the heart of elegance, the seat of sophistication, the scene of...murder?

Finished Off

One Saturday night, as the young ladies at Bellehaven slept, their home management teacher, Kathleen Duncan, was sent to meet her maker in the school's garden. Judging by the bloody branch near the body, Headmistress Meredith Llewellyn assumes it was a terrible accident, until she learns the limb didn't break off the tree. It was neatly sawed off...

Now, Meredith wonders if her eyes are playing tricks on her. How else to explain the foggy images only she can see, of Kathleen pointing to the flowerbeds? Without the help of the lazy constable or the petrified teachers, Meredith must find a link between the flowers and the killing, and get an education in murder...
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