Hidden Passions

Raven Cunningham had no room in life for a sweet-talking cowboy--especially one who looked as much like an outlaw as tall, lean Slate Slayton. The curvaceous ash-blond detective was working undercover as a lady of the evening to solve a case and, while she'd hoped her enticing costume would loosen a few tongues, she hadn't counted an being asked to ply her trade! Now as she looked up into Slate's determined, blue gray eyes, she wished for a long, tempting moment that she was exactly who she seemed to be ... and that she could enjoy more than one night in the Texan's masterful embrace.

Slate had been watching the satin-clad beauty for hours. He couldn't figure her out. She might dress like a saloon girl but she sure didn't act like one ... she hadn't accepted a business proposition all evening. Well, she was going to accept his if he had to lasso a star to impress her! He just had to taste her full, red lips, had to know if her petite, luscious body lived up to its sensual promise. And as he looked down into her wide, wistful eyes, he knew he was destined to savor the wild wonder of her HIDDEN PASSIONS
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