Hibiscus House / Nurse Incognito

Fate had placed her in an awkward spot

When Caroline accompanied the elderly Mrs. Pontock-Pikey to the Bahamas, she didn't know what her mission was to be. Her dear old employer wanted custody of her dead granddaughter's children, but so did the children's father, the handsome, enigmatic Roland Dayler. Caroline was caught in the middle of two determined forces.

To whom should Caroline give her loyalty -- her employer, or the man who was quickly becoming the focus of her love?


When a love affair between a nurse and a doctor goes wrong, the unhappiness of the situation is naturally increased if they have to go on working in the same hospital. That was why Caroline was glad to get away from St. Keverne's ... and Brandon ... to a temporary job in the lovely Bahamas.

It was disconcerting, though, for her to find herself in the middle of a family feud. Her first loyalty was to the old lady who employed her, but she couldn't help liking and trusting Roland Dayler and sympathizing with his refusal to give up his children; couldn't help, either, liking (though she didn't trust) that "wicked" younger brother whose bad reputation was enough to make any woman look twice at him.
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