He's the One

Too many guys, too little time...

Jill Gersten has never been a one-guy type of girl--after all, variety's the spice of life. So Jill's become a master at juggling dates. As long as she can get away with it, there's no need to commit to just one person. And with the tourists flooding her town on the Delaware Shore in the coming weeks, Jill's sure to have a guy-crazy summer.

Then Jill meets Craig Miller. With his deep green eyes and intense personality, he's, well...different. When Jill's friends tease that she's finally fallen for someone, Jill protests. She's still not interested in settling down--no matter how cute Craig is. But when Jill spots Craig kissing another girl, she's sick with jealousy. Now she wants Craig all to herself...but can she give up her flirtatious ways?
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