Heroic Acts

The final chapter of the High School Heroes series begins. Discover how it all ends. On the run, fugitives from justice, Christine and her friends search out the only people that can clear their names--the M.H.D.A. But the die has been cast, and the plans of the M.H.D.A become clear as an army of cloned meta-humans begins marching on the nation’s capital. Christine and the others must now decide whether or not to stand and fight, or to run and hide. They are outnumbered. They have no help coming. They are out of options. Beyond that, Christine must face the ultimate challenge. How can she stop the mysterious Director, and the M.H.D.A. army when she refuses to kill anyone? Join in the final tale of the High School Heroes as they face their greatest challenges. For them, life will never be the same again.
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