Hero to the End
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'If we fall, humanity is lost. Those are the stakes.'

The Darkness War rages on, and a war weary Jonathon Hunter faces obstacles which only humans can create, while an enemy which keeps growing stronger, continues to force him to retreat.

Saving humanity is the goal, but can Jon be excused for thinking some of it just doesn't want to be saved?

Extraordinary events require extraordinary responses, but is Jon still up to the challenge?

Humanity has its bolt hole in another galaxy, and Jon must stop the aliens arriving there before the Door closes, so the survivors will be safe. It's his job to ensure no alien enters Outback, in spite of those wanting to be more aggressive, and take bigger risks, with consequences he dreads happening.

In the end, Jon knows someone has to do the impossible, and maybe even the unthinkable.

The safety of humanity carries a price tag. Jon knows this. His team know this. But only Jon knows the true price to be paid.

When all that's left is one insane gamble, will they let him be: the Hero to the End?

This is the final book in this series, bringing to a close the 2 year main story line.

From this point, the Hunter Legacy universe continues in two galaxies.

Jane continues the story of what happens in Gaia, after Jon and the team left, in the A.I. Destiny series.

The Spacemage Chronicle trilogy is prequel to the new Earth galaxy series, which starts with Crossover in Oct. 2018.

Jon and the team will return, somewhere else in the Earth galaxy, no longer restricted to the Earth spine. The timeline has changed, but now Jon must climb onto a much larger galactic stage. (ETA late 2018)

The Hunter Legacy series :
1. Hero at Large
2. Hunted Hero Hunting
3. Send in the Hero
4. Make or Break the Hero
5. Hail the Hero
6. Burnside's Killer Extended Version
7. Hire a Hero
7.5 Jane's Christmas (A short story)
8. Hero to the Rescue
9. Hero at the Gates
10. The Long Road to Gaia
11. Home is where the Hero is
12. Hero in Darkness
13. Hero to the End

The Hero's Companion

The Hunter Legacy Universe Timeline

Approx. 3100 years before Hero to the End
Yesterday's Spacemage (chapter one)
Tomorrow's Spacemage

646 years before Hero to the End
The Long Road to Gaia

102 years before Hero to the End
One Last Battle (a short story)

82 years before Hero to the End
Yesterday's Spacemage
Today's Spacemage
Tomorrow's Spacemage

2 Years before Hero to the End
Hero at Large
Hunted Hero Hunting
Send in the Hero
Make or Break the Hero
Hail the Hero
Burnside's Killer
Hire a Hero
Jane's Christmas
Hero to the Rescue
Hero at the Gates
The Long Road to Gaia

1 Year before Hero to the End
Home is Where the Hero Is
Hero in Darkness
Hero to the End

Here be a time line shift.

Immediately after Hero to the End (Gaia galaxy)
Admiral Jane
Queen Jane
Snark's Quest
Destiny Stone
Talisman of Tomorrow
Leader Jane

Immediately after Hero to the End (Earth galaxy)
Hunter's Terminus
Reaper's Crossroad *forthcoming*

The Hunter Legacy Universe Series in the order written:
The Hunter Legacy
A.I. Destiny
The Spacemage Chronicle
The Hunter Imperium
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