Hero for Hire

Dear Reader,

I'd been Savannah Carrington's best friend since I was ten -- and I'd secretly planned to marry her for almost as long. But I needed money first, so I went to work as a bounty hunter. But then I got a surprising assignment from none other than Savannah's father - when she ran off and disappeared. So her father and I stuck a deal -- I'd find her for free, but he'd have to sanction our union if I did. That is, if I could convince her to be my bride...

I found her in jail up north -- after a bank robber named Barlow took her money and left her holding the bag. The local lawman let her go when I convinced him we were newlyweds. But she didn't know what the sight of her alabaster bosom could do to a man -- and keeping up appearances proved a trial. I wanted to dash home, but she was a stubborn as she was beautiful and wanted her money back first. That suited me just fine, because the longer it took to find the hustler Barlow, the longer I had to show her that best friends could make the best lovers, too...

-- Mackenzy Cord, Professional Bounty Hunter
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