Herald of Joy
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    Apr-1990 (Hardcover)
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    Print / eBook
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In the aftermath of the Civil War, England lies quiet, for now…

The war left much of the country ravaged and at Wintercombe, in Somerset, the St Barbe family was not left untouched.

But peace is short-lived, as Charles II gathers support in Scotland to once again bring war to England and claim his throne.

The King of Scots' invading army is too far away to pose any real threat to those living at Wintercombe.

Far more immediate is the death of George St Barbe, who's passing irrevocably alters the destinies of those who once lived under his rule.

For his widow, Silence, it is a time of freedom and longing -- finally free of her disappointing, disapproving husband, she dreams of reuniting with the dashing Captain Nick Hellier.

Young Nat, succeeding to the baronetcy upon his father's death, claims Wintercombe as his own.

He must wrestle not only with the demands of the estate, but his often unruly siblings as well… and the unexpectedly disruptive presence of Silence's youngest sister, Patience.

Nat's twin, Rachael, proves as ever difficult to love, as she blindly and recklessly pursues the course her father laid out for her before his death.

Falling victim to an arranged marriage, she desperately attempts to mould herself into the perfect Puritan woman as a way of pleasing her late father and finding her own place in the world -- even if she has to make herself miserable to do it.

Not all that far away from Wintercombe, Captain Nick Hellier stands at the side of Charles II in the disastrous Worcester Fight, battling against overwhelming odds to restore his king to the English throne.

Fleeing for his life, he begins a long and weary tramp across the country that will ultimately bring him back to Wintercombe.

And back to Silence…

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