Her Foolish Heart / Nurse Foster's Foolish Heart

Nurse Foster began admiring him, grew to love him and ended by despising him. It was as simple as that. This strange volte-face took place when, as theatre nurse, she first saw him work as a surgeon. A more demanding, over-bearing man she had yet to meet. Then she discovered that her sister had come under this man's spell, and in order to protect the girl from the sharp disillusionment she knew must follow, she evolved a little plan of her own. I seemed a good plan at the outset, but before long she was near to confessing she had made a hopeless mess of things as she watched her own happiness, her sister's and even the unsuspecting surgeon's disappear into the melting pot of her well-intentioned contriving. Fortunately the situation again took an unexpected turn and in the end worked out well for everyone; which made Nurse Foster wonder how foolish can be the human heart.
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