Her Doctor's Past

"You man hasn't broken completely away from the past and never can!" was the warning given to Nurse Gail Winters by her mother. And Gail knew that her fiance, Dr Craig Hadley, had a past that included not only his beautiful but ruthless ex-wife, TV star Vera Vaughn, but his appealing, seriously ill five-year-old daughter, Ginny, as well. Nurse Gail Winters tried to forget her mother's words. She and Dr. Craig Hadley were in love and that was all that mattered. But was it? Craig was divorced. He had nothing but hatred for his former celebrity wife, Vera Vaughn. But there was a matter of a million dollars involved and Vera was a very greedy woman. All Gail could offer Craig was her love. But was that enough when his ex-wife was offering him his child? It was a game with high stakes - and the winner would take all.

Original Title: Runaway Nurse
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