Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller
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In 2095, the Prisons Are Closed...And the Gates of Hell Are Opened!

The Hand of God party controls the Holy Protectorate of the United States, presided over by the Imperator Solene Solux. Prohibition and the Inquisition are back in full force. Owning an Acti Deck virtual reality unit is crime enough to earn you eternal torment.

Gideon Eshanti and Rachel Braque were loyal Artificial Reality Containment Investigators -- until a lethal "scrub team" paid them an unexpected visit one night. After they decorated the walls with scrub team entrails, going back to the office Monday morning just wasn't an option.

With the underground world of mobsters, techie subversives, and treacherous demons their only hope, Gideon and Rachel must go to Hell and back more than once if they want to stay alive.

Open this book and continue reading ONLY if you are ready for hard-hitting, non-stop action that's definitely NOT for the faint-of-heart!
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