Heatheria's Noel Carol: The Classic Dickens Story with A Feminine Focus

The Fellowship of Light are snowed in at Doloria Palace this Noël season, but while they wait for the storm to pass over them, Heatheria decides to regale her family-turned-team with a Christmas classic, using her own special twist... Heatheria tells the story of Gemini "Gem" Stone, the meanest, most miserly woman this side of Victorian London. She is mean and hardhearted to everyone who has tried to be there for her--and all because of her great wealth. Even Alicia Duffield, Gem's faithful employee, and her daughter Suzanne are passed over when the former tells Gem that the latter needs an operation to save her life. Little does Gem know, however, that she is in for the shock of her life, when the ghost of her deceased business partner, Andrea Steward, shows up to warn her former friend to change her miserly ways, or face eternal torment on the Other Side. To that end, the sister Norns of the Past, Present, and Yet To Be--Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, respectively--arrive to show Gem Stone the error of her miserly ways. Will they be able to succeed in convincing Gem Stone to give back to those who have tried to help her--or will Gem be doomed to spend Eternity on the Other Side in torment and agony? With a rare cameo comeback appearance by Marisa Winchester--the reason the Earth Fellowship of Light exists to this day--"Heatheria's Noël Carol" is a treasure for your family to enjoy this Christmas season and every season that follows.
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