Heather Goes to Hollywood

Heather's chance at stardom comes when she's asked to stand in for Rena Malone, a child star of the 1940's. At first she is excited; she can't believe she's getting the chance to be a movie star, but then she becomes suspicious. Where is the real Rena? And will Heather be able to pull off the greatest act of her life?

Heather and her three best friends Alison, Keisha, and Megan find a golden key that unlocks a neighbor's attic. There they discover a trunk full of wonderful outfits and a mirror that transports them into the past, to a party where they're the guests of honor.

Once back home, they form the Magic Attic Club, and promise to share all their adventures with each other. Join them, and you'll discover the magic of the attic, too!
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