Heather and the Pink Poodles

Heather and the Pink Poodles have just finished singing and the 1950's audience is loudly applauding. It sounds like the dance routine Heather added to the act paid off. Only one more act to beat, and the Poodles go to New York and perform on live TV with teen heart throb Robbie Starbuck. Now it's the Bennett Brother's turn. Wow! Who is that belting out that song? Will seven year old Benny Bennett spoil the Poodles's chance for stardom?

The Magic Attic Club was formed after Heather, Megan, Alison, and Keisha took their first trip to their neighbor Ellie's attic. There they discovered a trunk full of beautiful outfits and a mirror that transports them on wonderful adventures.

The girls ask their new friend Rose to become a member of the club, and they promise to share all their adventures with each other. Join them, and you'll discover the magic of the attic, too!
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