Hearts Flight

Grieving fifty-year-old Emma McDaniel steps onto a DC-3 in 1944 Los Angeles to fly to Washington, DC, to pick up her husband's remains. A strange turbulence, flashing lights and a vortex cloud cause Emma to hit her head on the ceiling and pass out. When she awakens the stewardess is different, the airplane is different. Shocked, she finds she's in the twenty-first century!

Handsome, tall, fifty-two-year-old Thomas Wells is a captain for the airline Emma's flying on. From the moment they meet inflight there is an instant attraction, plus a strange connection. When Emma blurts out that she can't be in the year 2006, Tom is shocked but not for the usual reasons.

Is there more to Tom than meets the eye? Why are neo-Nazis pursuing Tom and telling him to leave the past in the past? Why did Emma find a letter in a scrapbook about a secret mission by the OSS in 1944 where the airplane and its Army Air Forces pilots disappeared? Whose Army Air Forces uniform is hanging in Tom's closet?
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