Heart's Desire

She ached for the love of a man she could never trust!

Holly Campbell got off the stage in Silver Creek with steely determination in her velvet-brown eyes. The telegram had said her father committed suicide in this peaceful town, but she'd never believe that. He'd been murdered and she was here to prove it. She'd do it alone, too--her father's letters had told her whom to trust and it sure wasn't the sheriff. Quintan Jarvis was as crooked as they came, and Holly meant to keep her distance ... despite the way his honey-gold eyes lit up at the sight of her... and the way her traitorous body yearned for the handsome lawman's embrace.

Quint an Jarvis didn't know what to make of the beautiful woman who got off the afternoon stage. She looked every inch the lady, but she behaved like a vicious little spitfire. He'd done nothing to earn her rude words and hostile glances, and he wasn't going to stand for much more of this nonsense. He'd enjoy teaching the vixen a lesson about manners ... and men. He'd make that sassy mouth of hers pout with passion, taste the sweetness of her smooth, creamy skin, feel her soft curves press against him, begging for the loving that was her true HEART'S DESIRE
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