Hear Me Die


Private investigator Demary Jones specializes in genealogy and corporate research, but when she gets a desperate message from a good friend, she begins to fear the worst. Her fears are soon confirmed when the young woman goes missing. Head accountant at the highly secretive Electric Toy Company, Sara Garland isn't the only one in trouble -- the office manager is a victim of a hit-and-run. Next, the eccentric head of ETC, Carl Werner, is found beaten to death.

Demary, who has done some work for the company in the past, takes this one personally and dives into the investigation, despite strict orders from her sometimes lover, Lieutenant Sam Morgan of the Seattle police. Though the cops are convinced Sara is behind the killings, Demary believes otherwise and follows a trail of greed and desperation to a clever game where toys are more than child's play, and he who gets away with murder wins.
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