Have Wheels, Will Travel

Spend the day with Abby!

"Have wheels, will travel."
--Hubcap Calendar

It all depends on what KIND of wheels! If you have new Rollerblades, you really can travel. You can skate to school and do fancy turns and jumps. But if you have your older sister's cast-off Rollerblades, you poke along and try not to trip over your own feet. I need new Rollerblades! Now!

Abby's sick of being the only Hayes with hand-me-downs. She wants some Rollerblades of her own! But first she'll have to earn some money, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Abby cat-sits and sells lemonade. She even searches sidewalks for spare change. She should have enough to buy the blades -- but Abby can't stop spending her profits! Will she ever get the Rollerblades of her dreams?
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