Haunting Me
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The little village of Blackdown is a self-righteous community, and when Johnny Kilroy returned from the war in America, having lost an arm and fathered a bastard, the respectable Miss Selby, daughter of the late Schoolmaster, broke off her engagement to him without a word. Now she endures the interest of Amos Hewlett, the self-satisfied vicar who is pious in public and drinks in private and who, together with the formidable Mrs. Giles and her unmarried daughter, is waging war on all loose living and eccentricity in the village. His behavior is so arbitrary, and her feelings of revulsion towards him so strong, that Harriet infuriatingly finds herself questioning her own values. What has always seemed right now seems cruel; what has been condemned as immoral begins to seem natural, and Harriet finds herself isolated not only from Johnny and his friends, but now from the rest of the village as well. Her doubts are increased by a sort of curious telepathy with a girl called Nancy who, unbelievably seems to be living in her cottage some two hundred years ahead, in 1976! Nancy has also suffered a disappointment in love, and as the two girls struggle to assimilate each other's worlds, Harriet finds herself increasingly following the promptings of her heart, an action which puts her in the gravest danger...
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