Hate Him XOXO
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One woman’s struggle to save her career, ditch the gorgeous bastard who broke her heart and rejected her virginity in college… and get her orgasm back.

Book 1
My name is Liz Hamilton. My career and sex life are circling the drain. My art gallery is about to become a laughing stock, and I can’t get past the heavy petting stage with a man without turning into a cold fish.

The problem? I watched my best friend give birth three months ago and lost my sex drive… oh, and I have paintings of zombie turkeys on the walls of my gallery.

Then Jackson Burk, the man who rejected my virginity back in college, appears to screw things up for me even more.

The solution?

Hell if I know...

Book 2
I looked away in shame. I hated him, hated him with every fiber of my being.

But deep inside, no matter how cruel he had been, I still wanted him.

My life has been turned upside down by the man who walked away from me in college. Jackson Burk was back and he just wouldn’t take a hint. Whether we’d had sex (finally) or not, I was never going to let him back into my life… or into my heart.

All this on top of my career and art gallery going straight down the tubes.

But the sex had been great…

Book 3
Liz has loved and hated Jackson Burk for years, ever since he turned down her virginity back in college without explanation. But having him in the same city, showing up everywhere she goes, and finally breaking through and winning back her heart made the fact that he’s married all the more painful.

But no more. Liz is through with love and Jackson Burk. She has her sex drive back (thank you Mr. Burk) and a gallery to make not just profitable, but great. She is diving into her work.

But things aren’t what they seem, and Jackson isn’t going away…

72,000 words
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