Harriet's Beau

Tempting the Teacher

Miss Harriet Mayne clearly was heading for dismal disaster in her first London Season. Her clothes were frightful, her freckles unfortunate, her riding in the park scandalously uninhibited. In short, she represented a challenge that the most self-assured of gentlemen and most notorious of rakes, Mr. Ferdinand Andrews, could not resist.

Harriet was delighted to let Mr. Andrews help bring out her beauty and sharpen her social skills to make her the most perfect of young ladies and the toast of the ton. Eagerly she gained expertise in dressing and dancing, not to mention how to hit the target in both archery and flirting. But she did not anticipate what might happen when the captivating creature thus created caught the lustful eye of a lascivious old lord and a dangerous young fortune hunter. Nor was she prepared for the desire to tempt her teacher into giving her lessons in a very unladylike subject....
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