Hannibal's War on Rome: From Saguntum to Cannae
The Epic Third Century BC Struggle for Supremacy in the West.

Having harnessed the silver and the fierce tribes of Spain to his cause and with the support of Carthage, Hannibal launches his assault on the Spanish city of Saguntum, thereby provoking the second Roman War. Beset by unrest in Gaul, Illyria, Sardinia and in Etruria, the Romans are slow to react, such that Saguntum falls to the Carthaginians.

Hannibal has entered Gaul before the Romans are encountered. Unsure of his enemy's strength, Hannibal moves north. Before him rise the towering mountains that separate him from his potential Gallic allies …

At the Ticinus, at the Trebia and then at Trasimeno, the Romans become aware of the tactical genius of their enemy. Desperately, Rome seeks to protect its confederacy. However, the policy of ‘Cunctatio', the doctrine of avoidance of battle, is repugnant to many Romans. The enemy must be destroyed. Cannae will be the place to defeat the Carthaginian invader…

About the Author

D. A. Aubrey, M.D., M.S., (LONDON); F.R.C.S., (ENGLAND); F.I.C.S., (RETIRED)

After qualifying in medicine from London University, Mr D. A. (Alan) Aubrey gained higher surgical qualifications and thereafter practised surgery in the UK for over thirty years. In retirement, he spends his time studying ancient history, listening to opera and visiting Italy.

Mr Aubrey has published extensively in British and American medical and surgical journals.
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