Guardian's Pride
Can the son of a peasant farmer and the cousin of a king ever find true happiness together? Rom Dartel, Captain of the Guardians of the Gray Tower, does not believe so, and that is why he ended his relationship with Lord Javan of Westmarch. Two years later, Rom and Javan are brought together by King Kelan, ruler of Emryn. A traitor working for the enemy queen of Angkesh has infiltrated the ranks of the Gray, as the Guardians are called. Rom and Javan are chosen by the king to discover the identity of this traitor. Javan has never given up on the idea of changing Rom's mind. He doesn't care that Rom is a commoner. He loves Rom and is convinced that Rom loves him. Javan will use the hunt for the traitor to get close to Rom again and to prove that they belong together-forever.

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