Gregar's Passion
As his time to give birth approaches, Lyrion sets off for his village with his two royal lovers and two knights, Arowan and Mulciber. Another elven Bearer, Gregar, is working in the local tavern when the unusual group arrives in his village. Though Arowan and Mulciber are already mated, Gregar is attracted to both of them. To his surprise, they return his feelings, and soon the three contemplate starting a family of their own. Unfortunately, not every elf in the village is pleased to welcome the visitors. Soon a jealous rival pursues Gregar and his new mates to the kingdom of Mavra and hatches a plot to kidnap Lyrion, Gregar, and the newborn royal heir. As the prince's personal bodyguards, Arowan and Mulciber are sworn to protect their ruler and his household. This time, however, their loyalties are divided as they must also deal with the threat to their own beloved third mate and unborn child.

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