Green Parakeets

Henry Revoir was "Seigneur" of an island in the Indian Ocean. It was a place of fabulous beauty, but his position there was by no means an enviable one; for in spite of his generosity and his attempts to help the Islanders, he was regarded by most of them with deep suspicion, not to say ingratitude. He was more English than French - a fact that the completely French Islanders could not forget or forgive. So with all these personal undercurrents, it was not surprising that Henry had had little time to think of taking a wife - until Annette came along. Then he lost no time in proposing to her, and she, deeply in love with him, as readily accepted. But then Annette began to wonder. Why did Henry want to marry her? Could it possibly be because he knew the Islanders accepted her, a fact which could make his own position easier? Had he merely promised her father that he would look after her? Whatever his reasons, she could not really be sure that he was marrying her for love.
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