Good Frog Hunting
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Good Frog Hunting Laurie Graff A Fact About Frogging: With new species discovered every day, it's hard to find a rule to catch a good frog, except to say that when it comes to frogs there are no rules at all! Mr. Right = single, intelligent, attractive, funny, successful, noncommitmentphobic male Mr. Goodfrog = single male Karrie Kline has dated her share of frogs. There was the frog who could never make a decision, the toad who claimed to be single and the (horny) toad who couldn't commit to anything more than an afterdinner roll on the lilypad. Fed up with looking for one good frog in the giant pond, the aspiring actress decides to at least make the best of her bad dating stories. Before she knows it, Karrie's onewoman show is a successwell, an offoffBroadway success. And now all her past frogs are hopping out of the woodwork. Has Karrie's quest to put her baddate Karma to good use turned her into a dating pariah? Hey, it's not as if she's waiting for Mr. Right anymore. She's just looking for Mr. Goodfrog... 'I never knew bad dates could be so good.'Kelly Ripa on You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs

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