Goblin Market
Who is sending Laura Neal photos from her past - photographs cut and pasted into a gruesome jigsaw puzzle? Laura's lover hires private investigator Caitlin Reece to find out. An abusive ex-husband is the most likely suspect, but when he proves remarkably elusive, Caitlin enlists the aid of computer-genius Francis the Ferret, and also the mysterious Eliane St. Cyr, an ex-criminologist whose reasons for abandoning her chosen field remain a closely held secret. Caitlin's close friend, Gray Ng, issues an ominous warning to Caitlin, her intuitive anxiety over this case shaped in an ancient parable of how monsters in human form, goblin men, come into possession of souls, and will make no deals to relinquish them. Caitlin is in too deep with the mesmerizing Eliane to listen to Gray. Because she has no choice. And Caitlin discovers the Gray's intuition is correct in every horrifying dimension. Caitlin's ingenuity and courage will be tested as never before. Because she has no choice. She must meet, and bargain with, the goblin men.

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    • Nov-1993
    • Naiad Press
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1562800477
    • ISBN13: 9781562800475


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