Gladiator Sands of Death
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It is not yet mid-morning and yet the air of excitement around the grand arena is palpableThe crowds mill about you, all streaming for the grand arena, some mute with trepidation, other proclaiming loudly which gladiator will triumph in the matches. It has been a month since the last games day and you, along with everyone else in the city, are eager to leave behind the concerns of your everyday life, replacing it with an afternoon of fun, excitement and sheer passion. The first match is very familiar to you as all games days start this way. These are novice gladiators, either slaves or those seeking fame and fortune, desperately competing to gain the notice of the crowd. The match is short and bloody, but you focus on one woman closest to you, a lithe and well-toned figure who, although outmatched in strength by most of her opponents, adeptly avoids their blows whilst running them through with her spear. Before you know it, she is the last gladiator standing and though you try hard to catch the arena manager's announcement, you miss her name. You will certainly watch out for her later though - she may be worth a strong wager. A cheer rises as the arena manager makes the announcement that Sketari and Deimos - you heard those names well enough - the famed charioteering rivals, have decided to settle who is the greatest once and for all. You immediately jump upon your seat to better see this match - chariot racing is the fastest and deadliest of all arena events. It is also your favourite. The two heavy chariots burst into the arena, sand flying up high behind them. Turning to the man standing next to you, you quickly wager three silver on Deimos. A high wager, but Deimos has long been a your favoured gladiator. The blood is pumping and the adrenaline rushing - there is nothing you enjoy so much as games day.

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    • First Edition
    • Nov-2001
    • Mongoose Publishing
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1903980054
    • ISBN13: 9781903980057


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