Ghost Tales, Four Stories Of The Dead Among Us
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Four horror stories that will have you leaving the light on all night and the doors and windows firmly locked. A young widow wishes that her beloved husband had never died–and gets more than she bargained for. A platoon of German soldiers struggling through a deep snowstorm in the Ardennes Forest in 1944 come across a strange abbey in the middle of the woods and decide to force themselves upon the nun’s hospitality. A young couple driving on a holiday to the north coast pick up the worst kind of hitch-hiker and don’t even know it. The captain of a fishing trawler refuses the local priest’s blessing of the fleet and sails into the arms of the dreaded King of the Sea.
Are the Dead among us? Is your room filled with ghosts right now? Of course they are–where else are they going to go, once they’re dead?

Author’s Introduction: These are not “short” stories–far from it. In fact, Footprints In The Snow is over 200 pages long in the old way of measuring things. All combined, the four stories are longer than a normal book. However, individually each story was born from an idea that ultimately didn’t create a book-length manuscript, which isn’t to say the idea failed. It’s actually a good thing that I resisted the temptation to pad the writing out–include extra subplots to simply add pages and make an entire book. Each story stands on its own and is focused only on what it was supposed to do–scare the hell out of the reader. So why is Ghost Tales much cheaper than my other books, if it’s just as long? To be completely honest, Ghost Tales is the book I’ve chosen to sell cheaply as a way of getting my Ebooks and writing out there to new readers. It’s a promotional thing that will hopefully encourage readers to pay a few dollars more for my other novels.

Of course, I reckon you’re getting a bargain.

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