Ghost Shrink
Carolina Wolf by Sela Carsen - Debra isn't a very powerful witch. Yet someoneor somethingthinks its worth attacking her. Rescuing her seals Maddox's fate, but only if he can protect her from a rogue of his kind. Ghost Shrink by Vivi Andrews - Lucy is doomed to nightly visits from recently deceased Casanovas without the bodies to scratch her itch. Then a living, breathing fantasy arrives on her doorstep. Is her dry spell at an end? Not hardly. Paramatch by MK Mancos - Even though she lives with a paranormalady, Lucille has managed to carve a niche for herself with a matchmaking service for paranormal beings. Enter Jager, deposed king of the Titans and successful paratrader. He's out to negotiate the deal of a lifetimewith her. Witches Anonymous by Misty Evans - Amy is done with Devil-worshipping. After swearing an oath never to use magic again, she's found the perfect normal guy to complement her new lifestyleAdam. Lucifer, however, isnt about to be nice about letting her go.

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    • Feb-2009
    • Samhain
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1605043915
    • ISBN13: 9781605043913