Getorix: Games of the Underworld
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Celtic raiders clad only in blue paint strike at the heart of Rome's wealthiest neighborhood at a monument to the Roman victory over the Celts. When the smoke clears, Lucius, the Roman general's son, is gone, kidnapped. A token left in the street points to Getorix, son of the defeated leader. Getorix must retrieve Lucius alive, then save him from members of his own family, to clear the way for his own return to his homeland. Based on the political events of 100 BCE, this novel takes the reader on an adventure in Rome before the Caesars.

Long live Getorix ... May his adventures continue! --Steven Saylor, author the series Roma Sub Rosa

" Games of the Underworld is a fast-paced and exciting story filled with great dialogue and lots of historical detail. Rome is brought to life as a living, breathing city; everyday life and complicated politics are woven into the story without feeling crammed in, and readers of all ages will be able to relate to the characters. ...Very enjoyable and very recommended."--Heather Domin, Historical Novel Review, Feb. 2012

"Very few authors have the skill to pull their reader into the time and place as if they are actually there, walking along the streets, experiencing sights, sounds, and smells. Judith Geary does this with much finesse, ... Her portrayal of the political turmoil in Rome at that time through characters and scenarios is fascinating and informative. The plot is fast-moving and suspenseful and readers will be reluctant to put the book aside.” – Christy Tillery French, Midwest Book Review

"With deceptive ease, Judith Geary leads the reader through a maze of Roman politics and religious thought. ... The story is chock-full of details of Roman life during this historical period, interwoven so skillfully in the fabric of the pages the reader, caught up in the unfolding drama, is unaware of the impeccable research that went into the creation of this superbly ambitious novel. The story is peopled with characters from history as well as fictional characters sprouting from Geary’s fertile imagination. Suspense is established in the first pages, sweeping the reader along with the mounting travails of the young protagonists until the very end. There is no rest for the weary in this captivating tale of friendship, loyalty, love, political intrigue and honor." -- Danielle Bussone, All About Women

"The authentic setting, dialogue, and characterization beckon readers to travel to worlds of long ago. ... Getorix will be of interest to readers because many of the themes—love, friendship, honor, freedom, acceptance, cultural conflict, patience—are as applicable today as they were in the past. History teachers will appreciate the book because of its educational value." – ForeWord Magazine

"[Geary’s] knowledge of the Roman Republic in the first century bce is intimate; yet, this book, aimed at young adult readers, is a rattling good story. ... Author gossips chattily about [the historical characters] in her Notes, providing the context for understanding the historical and cultural milieu of the story. Especially, her Glossary and character Biographies, written in an occasionally downright catty tone, show her to be a devoted historical scholar and able storyteller." – schuyler kaufman, CML Magazine

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