Georgie and Her Dragon
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Once upon a time...yes, all good stories begin with those words. But when it came to women and their luck in some of those tales...not so good. Look at the saints. St. Catherine - nasty stuff on a wheel. St. Joan - medium well. And there were others meeting fates of equal ickiness. The men, on the other hand...well, they've got it made. St. Francis? Died peacefully amidst birdsong. And then there was St. George, knighted for offing a harmless reptile...when I started thinking about all this, I decided it was time to mess with some of the classics. So here's a new look at the story of George and the Dragon. Only this time, it's Georgie and her dragon - who isn't really a dragon at all... (Previously published elsewhere. This version has been revised and re-edited.)
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