Gay Gene Rising,

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Book I of the Disciples of Goedric TrilogyWeeks after the discovery of the gay gene is announced by researchers at the IHI Medical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, IFC Pharmaceuticals announces AEG/IS-the gay cure. While the world is busy debating the drug's merits, a suspicious fever kills hundreds of thousands of gay men in less than twenty-four hours, presenting millions upon millions of people with an impossible choice... take the gay cure or die And so begins Gay Gene Rising: Book I of The Desciples of Goedric Trilogy. Spellbinding and terrifyingly possible -- This is an Epic, an absolute Epic If I hadn't had book two and three in my possession I could have been pushed clean off the edge of sanity, this is definitely not a story you can just stop reading... plays in your mind like a well made movie -- Justin James, Top 2 Bottom Reviews
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